Tensions and Nego­tia­tions Occur­ring around Borders
Universitatea Ion Mincu
lect.dr.arh. Vera Marin
Assoc.Prof.PhD. Arch. Claudiu Runceanu
Facultatea de Urbanism

The main objectives of this course are to encourage interest and form abilities for applied research in urban design but also to be actively involved in events that are relevant to the professional field of urban design and planning. Thus, the methods are complementing the usual ones because there are no lectures or studio activities, but the course is organized as a competition with a call for presentations or posters (on given templates) and also, the students are to participate in various conferences, workshops, or work as volunteers in organizing events in order to collect points that are recognized as the 2 ECTS for this discipline (based on a set of rules for recognition).

For the current academic year, the call launched in the beginning of the semester included the topic of Borderline City next to the Compact City and Equipped City ones. The students were invited to choose one of these three topics and write a short resume (maximum 500 words) on a subject connected to that topic, practicing the formulation of applied research questions, identifying solid references, but also proposing a case-study to be analyzed as well as one or two professionals to be interviewed. It can be individual work or in teams of two students and the cooperation with students from other universities is strongly encouraged. After selection of resumes and a written feed-back on it, as well as recommendations on professionals who would be of help and willing to give an interview, students were invited to develop the presentation/poster. They will be presented on 21st of February in a conference like event (communications session).

The topic of Borderline City was presented to the students on the basis of the Young Professionals Shape the Future and the emphasis was placed not on the scale of physical realities connected to the concept of limit/border, but on the tensions and the needed negotiations occurring around borders. Also, there is a very good match between the pedagogical objectives of this course that is meant to insure correlations among already acquired competences in the previous 3 years of Bachelor studies and the topic of Borderline City that requires approaches from different disciplines.