Visible and Invi­sible Borders
FH Erfurt
Prof. Dr. Reinhold Zemke
Stefan Andres
Fakultät Architektur und Stadtplanung

“When I talk to people in Germany, they often tell me how well I can speak their language considering I have only lived in the country for about four years. I am aware, that they have good intentions, but what they are suggesting by this statement is, that I am not one of them. By complimenting me for being well adapted to their culture they are involuntarily building a barrier between me and them that I cannot overcome.” – Suliman Mardini, team member from Syria

Borders are various and sometimes easily overlooked. They can either be physical or mental, visible or invisible. Within the framework of the summer school “Borderline City” we are examining the dif-ference and the relation between obvious and hidden barriers that are a part of everyday life in each city. In our international team, diverse understandings of barriers are brought together and form the basis for scientific work. Our project aims to raise awareness concerning barriers on an international level. Therefore, we are especially comparing the countries Germany, Turkey and Syria based on personal experiences of our team members. Barriers within the countries are considered as well as barriers between them.