Dissolving and Establishing Tendencies in Urban Spaces

Inner Edges
TU Berlin
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Angela Million
Jürgen Höfler
Tim Nebert
Fachgebiet Städtebau und Siedlungswesen

The subject of the master project are borders of neighbourhoods as highly dynamic places of negotiation processes in the urban environment. The dialectic and simultaneity of tendencies of delimitation and new delimitation can be observed today especially in urban space. On different scales, spaces are restructured, attributions are changed and fields of activity are adapted. In this context, borders are not understood as natural, but are subject to a progressive transformation, are socially "produced", "inscribed" into everyday space and politically "implemented".

The aim of the master project is to find a new way of dealing with neighbourhoods and their borders in urban space, to reinterpret them as a membrane in the city, to show new ways of adding value and to develop narrative-communicative as well as design solution scenarios on different scales. Neighbourhoods as social units and the quarter as a spatial "setting" of these form the object of investigation and starting point of the joint discussion. Berlin is decisively shaped by small-scale polycentric development dynamics, and the aim is to clarify what holds neighbourhoods together inside and separates them from the outside.