Borderline City

Deve­lo­ping the Fore­front of Euro­pean and Global Poli­cies for Sustainable Cities
KTH Stockholm
Associate Prof. Tigran Haas, PhD
Michael W. Mehaffy, PhD
Urbana o Rgionala Studier, Institute of Technology Center for the Future of Places

We will examine the challenges of European integration as they manifest in the continent’s cities and urban spaces, taking the form of newly fortified urban border spaces such as gated communities. What are the implications for public space, and for the creation of more open, connected cities of opportunity? What are the challenges posed by the United Nations’ New Urban Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals, both of which emphasize universal access to safe, inclusive and accessible, green and public spaces” as part of “cities for all”? What are the implications for the Leipzig Charter on Sustainable European Cities, which is being re-evaluated this year? The course therefore offers a unique and exciting opportunity to participate in the development of forefront European and global policies for sustainable cities.