Borders of building
TU Braunschweig
Prof. Uwe Brederlau
Larisa Tsvetkova
ISE - Institut für Städtebau und Entwurfsmethodik

ademanding more building. With the globalisation of the real estate market, buildings have now become a real asset that wants to be increased as a capital investment. However, the current climate crisis and scarcity of resources show the consequences of continued growth on a limited planet. Every building consumes resources and has an impact far beyond its construction limits: it is part of the infrastructure and the global market, it wants to be supplied with energy and water, it consumes resources and produces waste, it takes its toll on the soil.

In this seminar we will deal with the limits of building: What influence does a building have and can it have a positive footprint? Does building really offer an answer to the housing question? How can our cities grow? How much can and should still be built? Which challenges can be better met by not building or rebuilding?